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In a "previous life" I was the marketing director for my family's office
furniture company. You will be able to click, below, on some of the
pieces I created for that business to see details of each as soon
as I get this page up and running.

I am now working independently as both a graphic designer
and a handbag designer.

You'll be able to see, below, some of the graphic pieces I
have created recently. I expect to have all of this completed
by the end of October.

Most of my current work is created for Women's Division,
Israel Bonds of Maryland. I design, and generate, a newsletter
for them, as well as various other pieces, throughout the year.
I assist the Women's Division in their effort to reach as many
women as possible about the benefits of purchasing Israel Bonds.

In addition, you'll also be able to see an annual publication
I create for a local private school.

Click on any link below - once they're working! - to see
more information about each project.
And, in the meantime, you can email me if you want to
discuss your needs or to get pricing on a particular project.